Call 2016/2017

The 2016/2017 Call for postdoctoral positions has closed on December 14th, 2015, at 5pm, Lisbon time.

The Call was publicized through Euraxess and EMS.

Post-doctoral Programme

CAMGSD has been offering postdoctoral positions since 1998 and has also been host to many postdocs from other programmes. Calls for applications are published in several sites, including Euraxess and the European Mathematical Society. About 200 applications are submitted and evaluated every year.

Post-doctoral fellows

Check also the list of former post-doctoral fellows.

Otávio de Macedo Menezes, Room 2.06 (since November 2017)
PhD in Mathematics, Instituto Nacional de Matemática Pura e Aplicada, 2017
ERC project grant.
Interacting Particles Systems.

Leonardo De Carlo, Room 2.08B (since September 2017)
PhD in Mathematics, Gran Sasso Science Institute, 2017
ERC project grant.
Interacting Particles Systems.

Moritz Reintjes, Room 2.08B (since January 2017)
PhD in Applied Mathematics, University of California at Davis, 2011
FCT project grant.
General Relativity, Theory of Shock Waves, Mathematical Physics.

Thomas Baier, Room 2.05 (since April 2016)
PhD in Mathematics, Instituto Superior Técnico, 2009
FCT project grant
Kahler geometry and quantization.

Anne Franzen, Room 2.07A (since January 2016)
PhD in Theoretical Physics, Utrecht University, 2015
CAMGSD Postdoc 2015.
General Relativity: wave equation in black hole backgrounds, perturbations of black holes.

Pedro Boavida de Brito, Room 2.07 (since December 2015)
PhD in Mathematics, WWU-Münster & University of Aberdeen, 2014.
FCT postdoctoral grant.
Algebraic topology.

Suresh Nampuri, Room 2.05 (since June 2015)
PhD in Physics, TIFR, 2012.
FCT postdoctoral grant.
Uncovering mathematical structures in the Hilbert space of quantum gravity.

Filipe Costa,  (since May 2013)
PhD in Physics, Universidade do Porto, 2012.
FCT postdoctoral grant.
General Relativity: gravitomagnetic effects, dynamics of extended test bodies, gravito-electromagnetic analogies.

Artur Alho, Room 2.10 (since April 2013)
PhD in Mathematics, Universidade do Minho, 2012.
FCT postdoctoral grant.
General Relativity: future and past asymptotics of cosmological models, spherically symmetric collapse with positive cosmological constant.

John Huerta, Room 2.05 (since January 2013)
PhD in Mathematics, University of California, Riverside, 2011.
CAMGSD Postdoc 2012. FCT postdoctoral grant since July 2014.
Foundations of supersymmetry, applying higher gauge theory to superstrings, supermembranes and supergravity.

Giorgio Trentinaglia, Room 2.06 (since October 2012)
PhD in Mathematics, Utrecht University, 2008.
FCT postdoctoral grant.
Differential geometry; Lie theory (in a broad sense, including e.g. the study of Lie groupoids, orbifolds, foliations, differentiable stacks); Unitary representation theory of Lie groups, C*-algebras; Poisson geometry and quantization; Higher categorical structures

João Esteves, Room 2.07A (since November 2011)
PhD in Physics, Instituto Superior Técnico, 2011.
CAMGSD postdoctoral grant, November 2011 - February 2012. FCT postdoctoral grant since February 2012.
Supersymmetry, geometric quantization, quantum field theory.