Doctoral Programme

The majority of doctoral students at CAMGSD are enrolled in the Doctoral Programme in Mathematics at IST.

You can look up former CAMGSD doctoral students in the awarded doctorates page,

Current CAMGSD Doctoral Students

  • Davide Polini. Supervised by: Gabriel Czerwionka Lopes Cardoso.
  • Jaime Augusto Delgado Mancelos Silva. Supervised by: Carlos Armindo Arango Florentino.
  • Juan Pablo Quijano Lotero. Supervised by: Pedro Manuel Agostinho Resende.
  • Pedro Fontoura Correia de Oliveira. Supervised by: José António Maciel Natário.
  • Ragaa Ahmed Abbas Ahmed. Supervised by: Ana Patrícia Carvalho Gonçalves.