XXIth Oporto Meeting on Geometry, Topology and Physics
2015-02-04 — 2015-02-07

The XXIth Oporto Meeting on Geometry, Topology and Physics will take place at Instituto Superior Técnico, Lisbon, Portugal. The aim of the Oporto Meetings is to bring together mathematicians and physicists interested in the inter-relation between geometry, topology and physics and to provide them with a pleasant and informal environment for scientific interchange.

The theme for this meeting is Applications of Topology. Main speakers: Ulrich Bauer (IST Austria), Michael Farber (University of Warwick), Dmitry Feichtner-Kozlov (Universität Bremen) and Piotr Sulkowski (University of Warsaw and California Institute of Technology).

Trends in Non-Linear Analysis 2014
2014-07-31 — 2014-08-01

The main objective for this meeting is to create links between recognized researchers in Non-Linear Analysis and young researchers.

On top of discussing recent developments in this area our aim is to nurture an environment conducting to the development of future research projects.


5th IST-IME meeting
2014-07-28 — 2014-08-01

The IST-IME meetings are organized biennially by the Instituto Superior Técnico (IST-Lisbon) and the Instituto de Matemática e Estatística (IME) of the Universidade de São Paulo (USP). The broad purpose of the meetings is to promote the interaction of researchers from both institutes among themselves and with researchers from other institutions. The main topics of the event will be ordinary and partial differential equations. For this edition we are also organizing a workshop on sympletic geometry.

This edition will be held at Institute of Mathematics and Statistics (IME-USP) of the University of São Paulo, Brazil, and honours Professor Orlando Lopes.

Mathematics doctoral defense

Filipe Santiago Cal, supervised by Juha Hans Videman (adviser), defended his thesis Wave Interaction with Fixed and Floating Structures in a Two-Layer Fluid, on July 22, 2014, at Anfiteatro Pa3, Pavilhão de Matemática, Instituto Superior Técnico, and was awarded a doctoral degree in Mathematics.

Summer School on String Theory and Holography
2014-07-14 — 2014-07-26

The Summer School on String Theory and Holography is a 2-week event jointly organized by three European networks.  The first week of the school will take place at IST, Lisbon, and consists of 5 lecture series on topics in gauge/gravity duality.  The second week of the school will take place at FCUP, Porto, and focus on applications of Mathematica to selected topics in gauge/gravity duality.


Geometric Analysis Conference
2014-07-07 — 2014-07-11

International conference on this exciting and fast developing area of mathematics.


XV Lisbon Summer Lectures in Geometry
2014-06-23 — 2014-06-25

The Summer Lectures in Geometry are a tradition at CAMGSD that attains in 2014 its 15th edition. Renowned mathematicians working in Geometry and related areas have lectured thematic courses in two or three sessions during a concentration week in the Summer period.

This series includes courses by Bertrand Toën, Université de Montpellier 2, and Siye Wu, University of Hong Kong.

WOTCA 2014 — Workshop on Operator Theory, Complex Analysis, and Applications
2014-06-19 — 2014-06-21

The Workshop on Operator Theory, Complex Analysis and Applications / WOTCA 2014 follows WOTCA 2010WOTCA 2012 and 2-Day OTCA 2013. It aims to bring together, in a friendly and scientifically fruitful environment, researchers working in these and related areas of Mathematics, as well as in Engineering or Physics.

The meeting will be hosted by the Center for Mathematical Analysis, Geometry and Dynamical Systems of Instituto Superior Técnico, University of Lisbon, in the context of the FCT project Toeplitz operators and Riemann-Hilbert problems: at the crossroad of Operator Theory and Complex Analysis.


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