Mini-course on Entropy Methods in Particle Systems
2017-11-15 — 2017-11-23

The goal of this course by Milton Jara, IMPA, is to present the Relative-Entropy Method of Yau in the context of general continuous time Markov chains, as well as recent advances obtained in collaboration with Otávio Menezes (IST Lisbon). The course targets students at the master or PhD level, but can also be suitable for advanced undergraduate students in mathematics. The only requirement is to be acquainted with the equivalent of an introductory course on Markov chains.


7th IST-IME Meeting
2018-07-23 — 2018-07-27

This meeting, whose scope will comprise Analysis and applications, aims to promote integration of researchers of both IST and IME (and other institutions), with the presentation of research works and plenary lectures of the participants.

This edition will honor Paulo Cordaro, on the occasion of his 65th birthday.

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